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Today, nearly 66% of top 10,000 sellers use FBA. It’s leveraged by sellers big and small, and is bolstered by Amazon’s massive logistics network.

Pros of Amazon FBA

There are clear advantages when it comes to participating in the FBA program, many of which you’re probably familiar with. But here’s what sellers still consider most important about the program and why many choose to participate.

Prime Badge

As of the time of this writing, FBA is the only way for your products to be Prime-eligible. While Amazon used to offer a beta program called Seller-Fulfilled Prime (SFP) allowing FBM sellers to earn the Prime badge by meeting strict standards, they are no longer accepting new applicants. This is likely due to lack of control and resources in making sure that SFP sellers meet requirements.

While SFP has become less accessible, the Prime Badge is still more important than ever. It’s reportedly the easiest way to win the BUY box. Since Amazon gives itself an A+ in all aspects of fulfillment, it’s much easier for FBA sellers to win the buy box even if their prices are higher than their competitors’.

It's important to understand that when a Prime customer signs into Amazon...Amazon will default showing them Prime-eligible offers well before they'll show them non-Prime eligible offers. At the end of the day, there are 100 plus million Prime members in the US, that go in and search products. If they don't see your products because it's not Prime eligible, you're most likely not part of the consideration.

Fast, Discounted Shipping

Customer expectations have shifted to fast delivery, and Amazon Prime was the very catalyst to kick start this trend. Two-day shipping is standard across most product categories on the marketplace. So, if you’re unable to support that on your own, FBA is one way to ensure that your products are able to be shipped out fast and at no additional cost to Prime members.

Amazon offers discounts back to sellers in the form of reduced inbound shipping fees, which applies to inventory being sent to one of its fulfillment centers. Depending on the weight, size and category of your items the unit economics of this could look better or worse than FBM.


Managing your own warehouse for the first time comes with a steep learning curve. Aside from having to hire employees, you have to maintain quality control during the pick-pack-ship process; ensure that products are kept safe and well-organized; and set aside enough warehouse space to hold all your merchandise (among many other considerations).

Amazon, on the other hand, offers virtually unlimited storage space with more than 75 fulfillment centers in North America. They take logistics off your hands entirely, letting you focus on things outside of the day-to-day challenges of order fulfillment

Customer Service Management, Plus Feedback Protection

FBA shields you from angry buyers, customer questions and the hassle of returns. Amazon takes full responsibility for any late, defective or canceled orders in their care, protecting you from penalties associated with poor seller performance or negative seller feedback.

For any FBA products, you are not held responsible for charge backs or A-to-Z claims except for items marked as defective or not as described (and other issues related to what’s in your control). Amazon will also strike negative seller feedback from the record if it’s a result of FBA delivery flukes.

FBA Prep by Fulfillment Florida Services

Before you can even send your products to an FBA fulfillment center, you’ll have to properly package, label and sort your items. These requirements vary by product type and can get tedious—This is where we can help you.

Product Inspections
Packing and Bundling
Package Inserts
Fragile Item preparation
Loose units
Boxed units
Case packed products
Expiration date marking
Shipping to FBA warehouse
Complete FBA documentation


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