We’ll ship your orders when promised. All orders that we receive are shipped
within 24 hours (next business day). And, if an expedited order is in by 1:00 PM
EST on a business day, it will ship the same day. Guaranteed.

Based on the job specs you submit,
we’ll honor the prices we quoted you with
no hidden fees and no long-term contract. And you can always cancel your
service at any time.

We’ll respond promptly to your service requests and resolve them to your
satisfaction, and we’ll follow-up to make sure we’v met your service expectations.

We’ll get your orders right. All orders are checked twice to insure that they are
100% accurate.

Pick & pack
• Pick, pack & ship within 24 hours (next business day) of order receipt
• Wide variety of packaging supplies
• Order processing via manual order entry, CSV file uploads, or XML file   
integration with your shopping cart or other ecommerce systems
• Packing list customized to your order
• Order confirmations via email to you and/or your customer (optional)
• Reports — for inventory, orders, shipped items, etc.

• Domestic shipping via USPS, FedEx, UPS
• International shipping via USPS, FedEx, UPS
• C.O.D. shipments (optional)
• Shipment tracking for your customers

Additional services
• Returns
• Kitting / Assembly
• Gift Wrapping
• Mail services
• Special projects
Our service is backed by a 100% Satisfaction

Fulfillment Services
Attain higher customer satisfaction and loyalty
from your customers through the
comprehensive and reliable fulfillment services
that our team provides to your business
Fulfillment Florida
Warehouse Fulfillment Services
         Three locations.
Palm City, Florida. 30,000 sq ft.
Orlando, Florida. 50,000 sq ft.
Atlanta, Georgia. 30,000 sq ft.

Please contact our Palm City
office for all fulfillment locations
1-772-219-0664   1-888-840-1280